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  1. Hi im a big fan of various punkrock music, also listen to psyhcobilly music as well i listen to rockabilly too i hope 2012 and beyond big sucess in 2012

  2. Dude! I would REALLY love to hook you up some buttonz to see at shows and shit. I was looking at a video on FB for Mexico City’s Punk Flea Market but can’t find any contact for who runs it–but I had my own band for years based outta Oakland and now moved down to Ventura, CA. I shred the bass for Instant Asshole–you can google to find us–we toured all over, with MDC, The Misfits, Battalion on Saints and all well known bands–we have 3 albums out. Our band sadly came to an end a couple years ago after years of touring and throwing bash thrash parties while in Oakland. Anyway I made my own buttons for our band back then and then all the other bands wanted me to make for their band and one thing has led to another and I am so stoked at where all the people are coming from–I’ve shipped to the Philippines, and Spain and the UK as well as all around the U.S. and it’s not just band buttons anymore, there’s lots of cool shit, too much to show on my website. Anyway our band was the famous Instant Asshole (google it or there’s a link on my site) Would LOVE to get you guys goin’ with some kick ass buttons which you can EASILY make $$ off of cause my quality is HIGH and my prices are LOW! Cheers n beerz!


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