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Big gracias to my new punk amigos in Guatemala City. They have a small but growing and vibrant tight punk scene and I couldn’t ask for any more support and hospitality than I got there.

I shot lots of interviews (some in English), got good footage from the punk concert on Saturday (videos on their way) and it was topped off by a “punk tour” of downtown Guatemala city, AT NIGHT nonetheless, something I’d probably never attempt on my own. Here are couple of clips from the punk tour of Gautemala City (AKA Guate).

More video clips from the concert and interviews are on their way soon and be sure and check out the “Pics Gallery” at as well as and the you tube page for videos

Thanks again to my amigos from “Warning”, “Union Striken”, “Destruccion Social” and “Sudor de Huevos” (Ball Sweat), Bris, Nerf, Hector, Felix, Maria Jose and all the punks down in Guate! I hope I can get back down there soon guys!

Yup, Punk is worlwide and we plan to cover it all.

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