Is it Halloween or just a Misfits concert? Both! The legendary Misfits (what’s left of them) played BB King in NYC on Halloween night and it was a sweaty, hot, loud and smelly mess.. just like a good punk show should be. The Misfits played their two new songs especially written for the occasion now available on i-tunes and they are pretty good as well as their classsics incuding “We Are 138” and they ended with “Die, Die My Darling” as you can see in the video here. I got to the gig a little late, so I apologize for being so far from the stage but this was as close as I could get without being slung around in the pit.. and I was still getting bounced around quite a bit, as you can witness by the shaky, jerky flip cam work. Halloween in NYC with the Misfits.. does it get any better?

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