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While in Havana, taping for the documentary, we were interviewing Cuban Punks at the Calle G (G Street) area in the upscale Vedado area when this guy approached begging us to tape his particular talent, which in this case consisted of pulling his tonsil outside of his mouth, tweaking it and pulling and stretching it.

Unlike the U.S., everyone in Cuba seemed eager to be on TV and tell their individual stories to the outside world (I guess that happens when you don’t have an explosion of media choices and just a few state run channels). I rarely if ever sensed any hesitancy to talk about anything, politics included both on camera and off.

We witnessed first hand the interference with freedom of expression of Cubans by their government when one of our interviewees was arrested right before our interview from what I gathered just for talking to us.

This didn’t seem to dampen people’s desire to talk and to talk about anything including being critical to their government and their situation.

Anyway, this guy’s “talent” has nothing to do with politics per se, but I couldn’t help but think it was symbolic of his tonsil working to be exposed and not remain in it’s throat, where it clearly belonged. Even the tonsils in Cuba are rebellious! Yeah, I know, I know.. I’m searching way to hard for hidden meaning.

Anyway, enjoy! but fair warning, you may want to avoid watching this if you are sensitive to gross out stuff or are getting ready to eat in a bit.

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