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Well, taking a break from talking about Cuba (more to come, I promise, including video), went to see The Queers last night with my friend Roman and Jorge who is in town from We got their early to check out a great alternative band Hollis which really, really rocked. The vocalist is amazing and overall the band is really tight. Though its not punk, I immensely enjoyed them. The Leftovers followed and they reminded me somewhat of a modern day Ramones. I never got to see the Ramones live obviously but this felt like this is what it COULD have felt like to a small degree.

But the crowd was really there to see the legendary “Queers” and it was a pretty big and VERY enthusiastic crowd. The Queers tore through song after song and there was not a dull moment or a moment’s rest during the entire set, which was lengthy. They took request and truly looked like they were having a good time, though they didn’t really talk to the crowd there was lots of love from both sides.

I really mostly listen to west coast and NYC hardcore punk and while this was neither, I enjoyed the night immensely. The set ended just before midnight and my only complaint was having to trudge all the way back to Manhattan via a partially running subway system.

Check out the video of the Queers performing “Fxxck the World” from Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYC last night and check out the photos in the photo gallery of them and Hollis. I’ll try to get a video up from Hollis soon, as they are really worth checking out.

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