Just 24 hours ago I was a despondent, depressed, dripping wet gringo despairing on the streets of Buenos Aires being consoled by a kind soul, Marcelo, who witnessed the whole thing, from set up to execution.  It was raining cats and dogs yesterday, impossible to get a taxi, which is how I ended up getting my stuff stolen from a person purpoting to be a remises (private taxi).

Anyway, I don´t want to dwell on the past except to say many, many Argentines have been very helpful, from Tomas who rented the apartment to me and graciously went to the police station with me to file a report and let me stay a couple extra nights, to Marcelo who helped a soaking wet stranger on the street in the middle of a damned monsoon get his bearings back, to the travel company buquebus and the hotel La Perla de Plata in Colonia, Uruguay who graciously let me re use my travel vouchers tomorrow.

Also really appreciate the words of encouragement from everyone on here and via email and facebook. It´s not the end of the world at all, I have an emergency passport already and have insurance for all the valuables stolen.

Gracias again all.

3 thoughts on “I´m Back!

  1. Bro,
    I just picked up on your endeavors. Brutal! Ain’t nothin; like feelin’ alive livin dangerously though, right? Look me up soon. Safe travels my brother.


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