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Today I used my emergency passport to travel by boat from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia, Uruguay… just a little over an hour trip.

Colonia is lovely and if there is a punk vibe here, it´s not obvious. I spent the day taking a few photos of the old city with the new small digital camera I purchased (and most certainly overpayed for) to replace the one that had been stolen. What can I say, I have to take some media or I go nutz!

Then made my way to Puerto Tranquilo, a nice beach on the river or whatever this big brown bit of water is that brought me over from Argentina. It acts like an ocean (big, waves, sand) but looks like a river (brown, trees in the middle of it).

Despite the purposely misleading title of the blog, people are really, really nice and the streets are anything but mean. It´s a World Heritage Site for God´s sake! Today there was a bit of Carnival celebration with a drum line and dancing, my kind of town. Wish I could stay a bit longer actually. I could use more of this after the drama of the last few days.

Now I´m trying to get my cell phone to work so I can coordinate getting an apartment in Montevideo tomorrow and getting in touch with rockabilly band Rudos Wild and the other cool punk bands I´ve made contact with. So long as people have cameras,  we´ll keep shooting and try to figure out a way to document the scene here.

Speaking of documentation, remember Mauro from one of my first posts on this trip back in Valparaiso, Chile? Well Mauro went to the hardcore show in Valparaiso last weekend where the Voodoo Zombies played and took some photos so I´ve posted a few for you to veiw. You can view more at his facebook page linked here.  Thanks Mauro.

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