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March 10, 2010


My name is Robert Rose a NYC based Independent video producer and as it so happens a very big Social Distortion Fan.

My company is Punk Outlaw Productions and I am currently working on a “to be titled” documentary film on Punk and Rockabilly music in Latin America.  It will be bi-lingual (English & Spanish) with subtitles in both languages as appropriate.

The project is meant to shed light on a topic never truly examined by North America, which is the punk influence and history in Latin America, including a look at the bands most influential in that region.

It is a fairly new project (about 6 months) but I’ve already interviewed bands like NOFX, Tiger Army and The Casualties along with dozens of local fans and bands in several countries including Colombia, Cuba (yes, there are punks in Cuba) Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay and most recently Argentina this past February. They are super excited about Social D. show in April.

Unfortunately, while in Argentina in February I was robbed of my video camera and computer and lost over 3 weeks of footage and interviews.

In April, I’d like to return to Argentina to do some re-interviews.

I’d also like to plan my trip around the Social Distortion concerts where I’d like to specifically interview Social Distortion fans there to discuss the influence of Social Distortion and, if at all possible, interview  Mike Ness (and the rest of the band if possible).

If I were allowed access to Mike Ness at any time before, during or after any of the shows, I’d gladly share any footage that I shoot, not only of the interview and any portions of the concert that I am given permission to shoot (either stills or video or both), but I’d also make available all the interview footage from all the Social Distortion fans that Social Distortion could use in any manner they so choose (at no charge of course).   Our line of questioning could include information about the forthcoming album as well.

Additionally, has lots of visitors from all over Latin America (including Argentina and Brazil which rank in the top 5), and I’d feature web teasers and outtakes there as well. I did this for the punk band The Casualties in their tour in Medellin and Bogota Colombia and it worked out very well.

I’m not sure how to proceed in getting access to Mike Ness in Argentina but any direction or advice you could offer would greatly be appreciated as I’d want to tie down details before I finalized my travel plans.  It would just be me and a camera man (2 person crew).

I can’t imagine a documentary about punk’s influence in Latin America without Mike Ness or Social Distortion’s participation, especially as they undertake this historic Latin American tour.

Thank  you for your time and consideration.

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