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Thanks for getting back to me.

Obviously I’m disappointed, considering the very deep personal connection I have with Social Distortion music (I have purchased every song and almost every piece of merchandise and seen SD and the Mike Ness Band numerous times in concert).

I think in music industry talk that qualifies me as a “core fan”. One of many I realize. I also understand I’m an unknown quantity to your team and that Mike’s image is important to protect.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Mike Ness as an artist and his influence on punk and music in general (too often unheralded as far as I’m concerned).  I hope you’ll reconsider as I continue to make progress in the months to come.

Please understand my motives are pure in telling an unfiltered story of the influence of Social Distortion/Mike Ness and exposing the music to fans and potential fans like me, who discovered the band quite by mistake (and a little late), but became instantly hooked for life.

Congratulations and best of luck on the tour down in South America. The Latin punk scene is incredibly intense and I think SD will reap rewards for years to come from the tour.

Thanks again, keep rocking and stay safe!

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