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My friend Mike from NY Hardtimes invited me to a COBRA SKULLS concert a few weeks back but I was unable to go. But it did get me to looking for their music on i-tunes and I found their music pretty damn good, so I downloaded a few. When I heard they were coming back to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, I decided what the hell, I’ll take a break from Manhattan and travel all the way to Brooklyn, NYC and check these guys out.

Feeling adventurous, I took the 20 minute train ride out and got their way too early. The warm up bands were pretty good, but I had to sit through a torturous set of Broadway Calling, an emo style band. They were really good musicians but I really, really hate that kind of music. It’s just worthless to me. I recognize the diversity of musical taste and I respect it. I just wished I had known cause I def. would have skipped it cause not only do I not like that type of music, it actually puts me in a foul mood (granted not hard to do these days, I’m feeling especially surly for some reason).

Anyway, when Cobra Skulls took the stage the sound person never got quite right on the lead singer’s (Devin) microphone. You could barely hear him. I’m sure Knitting Factory has great facilities but this one, they missed. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the show and I’m going to check out more of Cobra Skulls music because they are raucous, harmonious even and their lyrics are dead on.

Check em out if you get a  chance. In the meantime, below is a low quality video from last night’s show and hit up Punk Outlaw’s FLIKR PAGE for more pics from the evening.


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