With Trotsky Vengaran

Back in February, I almost canceled a long planned trip to Uruguay from Argentina. I’m sure glad I didn’t. There is some really good punk music down in Uruguay with bands like “Rudos Wild”,  “Los Ultimos de Los Ramones” (Last of the Ramones), “Buitres” and  “Rameres Punk” playing some kick ass punk music down south.

The guys from a band that has been around for a while called “Trotsky Vengeran” were especially entertaining for me to interview, maybe because they spoke some English, and I could understand almost all their answers, but probably more because they are some genuinely funny and entertaining dudes.

After the interview, they loaded me up on CDs and DVDs and when I got back to the states I found myself listening more and more to their music on my i-pod. They have some really great stuff from soccer themed sing alongs to rowdy, short and sweet punk anthems.

They guys have toured most of Latin America with offers to tour even more but now they have families and responsibility so they prefer to stay home in Uruguay. But who knows, maybe someday we can coax them up north to the U.S. because I tell you their music really translates well and I think they are first class musicians.

Check the segment below and see for yourself.

(Special thanks to Camila from “Rameres Punk” and Cabeza from “Los Ultimos de Los Ramones” for helping us line up the interview).

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