Psycho Charger's Stripped Down Psychobilly

Last night saw a nice punk show at the Bowery Electric, just up the street from the old CBGBs in NYC.

The show featured a good mix of psychobilly and punk and began with an old local favorite of mine that I first saw at the Psychobilly Luau last year, Psychocharger. As usual, the guys from Psychocharger fully disrobed to their tightest tighty whities and covered themselves in (fake?) blood, creating a nice drunken spectacle by the end. Like me, they desperately need a tan.

I like these guys, their blend of surf/psychobilly really rocks and they always put on a great show. They don’t seem to give a damn about much but having fun and that is cool with me. I don’t know them but it seems their motto is firmly to burn out, not fade away. Enjoy them if you ever get the chance.

Old Skool Half Time "Entertainment"

In between the acts there was a go go dancer, not sure her name but she was working for tips and I’ve seen her before, I think at the Psychobilly Luau? I felt like I was back in time in the 1950s, which is weird because I wasn’t even born then.

Tombstone Brawlers

After Psychocharger came the Tombstone Brawlers who I’d heard of but never seen before. They were more traditional psychobilly  complete with a rocking Stand Up Bass player. The vocalists and lead guitar channeled some Iron Maiden during the show and a psychobilly version of one of their songs was the most rocking of their set I thought. Dude worked up a sweat and the band with a very cool name kicked some butt.

Turbo A.C.'s

Next up, the Turbo A.C.’s, much more traditional punk and every song rocks. These guys are a local NYC band and have been around since the mid 90s and it shows, with fans of all ages coming out singing every lyric of every song.

Turbo A.C.'s

There were even a couple hardcore fans  from The Bronx that got a nice shout out from the band. These guys are tight and you can tell they have some good punk rawk history. It reminded me of a good old fashioned punk show where the crowd was into it but not so big you couldn’t get close to the band (Bowery Electric only legally holds 100 or so people).

Turbo A.C.'s

I didn’t stick around for Deadbolt which were the headliners, cause I was exhausted and my ears were ringing (gotta remember those earplugs or I’ll be deaf for sure in 20 years), but below is a clip from the Turbo AC’s toward the end of their set and if you want to see the rest of the pics go to the Turbo A.C.’s Set on our flikr page.


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