Gainsville's "Against Me" Performing in Williamsburg

Yesterday I made the now familiar trek on the L Train from Manhattan to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to take in the outdoor concert series which was featuring Gainsville, Florida’s “Against Me” opening for the hot indie rockers from Los Angeles, “Silversun Pickups” (More on Silversun Pickups in the next post).

View of NYC from the Williamsburg Waterfront

The night was almost perfect and the view fantastic with an incredible vista of the NYC skyline which still impresses me after all these years living here.  The vibe was good and during the concert a nice little wrecking pit broke out about halfway through the concert.

Impromptu Wrecking Pit

I’ve been a big fan of Against Me for a while and saw them at a much smaller venue in Brooklyn maybe 2-3 years ago. Since then, I’ve added more of their tunes to my library and have grown ever increasingly enamored with the catchy rhythms and politically charged lyrics from extremely talented front man Tom Gabel. These guys are maybe the most talented and freshest act in punk music around today (albeit they most definitely bleed over into the mainstream having performed on national TV more than a handful of times).

Against Me Frontman Tom Gabel

They just came out with a recently released CD entitled “I Was a Teenage Anarchist” and it features some really good tunes. I particularly like the title track and the song “Rapid Decompression”.

They also treated the audience to their old favorites like “White People For Peace”, “Thrash Unreal” and “Don’t Lose Touch”. You can check out their performance of “Don’t Lose Touch” in the video below.

If your not familiar with “Against Me” you really should check them out and let me know what you think.

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