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Hillbilly Hellcats

Normally, when I venture out of Manhattan it’s on an airplane to another country or at least another city. However, last night I ventured one stop on the L Line to Public Assembly in Brooklyn where my friend Amylulita from Nacotheque was celebrating her birthday party at Rebel Angel’s monthly Rockabilly Psychosis event.

Nacotheque's Amylulita (Far Right) with friends celebrating her birthday

Laura Rebel at Rebel Angel is probably the most prolific promoter of rockabilly & psychobilly events in the north east  right now with her signature Psychobilly Luau getting bigger and bigger each year. I’m sorry to say I’m going to be out of country and unable to attend but if you get the chance, you should check this year’s event out as the event now stretches over two days and is scheduled to feature acts like Guana Batz, Neanderthals and local favorites like Psycho Charger, Memphis Morticians and many many more. Check out more info and get tickets here.

Philadelphia's Gas Money's Steel Guitar

In the meantime, I caught the first couple of acts of Rockabilly Psychosis with Colorado’s  Hillbilly Hellcats and Gas Money, a traditional rockabilly band, complete with slide guitar from Philadelphia.

Philadelphia's Gas Money

The shows were a good time. It’s good to see consistent rockabilly and psychobilly events happening in New York City for a change, thanks to promoters like Amylulita from Nacotheque and Laura Rebel at Rebel Angel Productions.

Below is a video from Gas Money’s performance from the Rockabilly Psychosis show. Enjoy!

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