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I arrived in Bogota late last night with American Airlines only 30 minutes late. Amazing! I’m in a cool little hotel called “Charlie’s Place” where they actually picked me up at the airport, complimentary no less. Not bad for a $55 a night room with shared bathroom. And I get a gym pass to an area gym. I highly recommend this spot when visiting Bogota if you want to be closer to the northern part of the city (and Zona Rosa).

I’m bringing lots of Punk Outlaw shirts for giveaway and crammed it all into one big, heavy ass bag on wheels that has been my go to luggage for long abroad trips since like 2002. It finally got a rip from all the strain, so not sure how I’m going to get from Bogota to Medellin, but I’ll worry about that another day.

For now, we have 3 days of backstage access to the big Rock en el Parque Festival this weekend (thanks to my friend Erika and Jorge helping Punk Outlaw secure press passes). There are bands from all over the world here so it should be great.

Today at 4PM, our amigos, Los Suziox is playing so we’ll definitely be there. In the meantime, I have lots of work to do. My skype isn’t working suddenly on this piece of garbage asus mini (I miss the one that got stolen in Argentina, that was a good one) and my local phone is out of minutes. So please excuse the quick, down and dirty post.

But stay tuned.. they will get better, with pics, vids and up to day behind the scenes goings on at the big festival, so be sure and check back in between the world cup madness (go Uruguay!).

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