I promised video from the Alta Voz festival in Medellin, Colombia and I almost always keep my promises, so here ya go!

Andres O.(Vocals)

If you aren’t familior with Los Suziox (The Dirty) here is the scoop on these guys.

As you can see by the video, Los Suziox (LSZX for short) is a hometown favorite in Medellin. Hailing from the working class barrio of Bellos in northern Medellin, LSZX’s  lyrics represent the working class of South America with socially consious themes railing against corruption, violence and exploitation by the rich, ruling class. For Spanish with English translation of some of their lyrics you can go HERE.

Sundara (Guitar)

The band has been around since the late 1990’s where the original members of Andres O. (Vocals) and Andres (Drums) were later joined by Sundara (Guitar) and Kamel (Bass) to make up the current line up of the band.

Kamel (Bass)

They’ve got a couple of CDs out, including several impressive original tracks that their fans in South America know by heart.

The band’s influences are many but include the Clash, Klamydia and Konflict, whom they’ll share the stage with in November at the Rock Medellin Festival. Punk Outlaw will be there too!

Enough yapping, lets get to the videotape of some down and dirty flipcam footage of Los Suziox performing live at the Alta Voz Festival last weekend.

For more pics, music and video of Los Suziox, visit their official website HERE or friend them up on MySpace. Stay tuned, more video from the festival coming soon!

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