It’s Friday in Medellin (actually I guess it’s Friday in most places, except where it’s Saturday or Thursday).

Anyway, you know what that means right? Punk rock all weekend long that is what. Well actually punk on Saturday and Ska/Reggae on Sunday but that is cool with me.

The guys from Los Suziox have been rehearsing steadily getting ready for the big show in Medellin on Saturday and Punk Outlaw will be there with stickers, t-shirts (while they last) and of course video taping and taking photos of the whole thing so look for the gringo with the camera and most likely that will be me. Say hola to me!

Below is the lineup as I have it for both Saturday and Sunday.

Categoría: PUNK & HARD CORE
Fecha: Agosto 14
Hora:  2 p.m.
Lugar: Paseo Urbano Carabobo Norte
1. Encontra de todo
2. Radio Calavera
3. Los Crespos
4. Deserción
5. Tom Sawyer
6. Pop Corn
7. Desastre Capital
8. New State
9. Los SuZioX
10. Nocomply
11. BANDA INVITADA: Nación Criminal

Categoría: SKA & REGGAE
Fecha: Agosto 15
Hora: 2:00 p.m.
Lugar: Paseo Urbano Carabobo Norte
1. Barbasanta
2. Burkina
3. Unos / vagabundos
4. La Curva Reggae
5. Tarmac
6. Doble Raza
7. Yamevú
8. Servicio Públiko
9. Zatélite
10. Don Kristobal

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Oh and I wanted to cap the week off with a music video from a band that was out there protesting at the “Sin Armas” event earlier in the week.

Here is local Medellin punk band “Desadaptadoz” in full clown outfits playing their song “Traumatico” (Traumatic). Enjoy and I’ll see you Saturday!

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