Italy's Evil Devil with Rich from Black Cat (Upper Row-Far Right)

Back in May, I got the chance to interview an Italian psychobilly supergroup “Evil Devil” fresh off their play date at the big Black Cat 10th Anniversary Psychobilly show in Hollywood, California. The show was packed, the interview went great and after a crazy summer, we finally got the segment edited, so here you go!

The guys from “Evil Devil” really do a great job speaking to me in English, not their first language of course, but my Italian is worse than my Spanish which is to say, non existent. So I appreciate the guys breaking down some of the differences between the psychobilly and punk scenes in Europe compared to the U.S. in English for us all.

Evil Devil

A “manager” on a power trip @ the Henry Fonda Theater stopped me filming with the big high def camera so I had to capture b-roll with the small handheld flip cam (where there’s a will there’s a way) which has pretty bad audio capture at concerts, so I suggest you hit EVIL DEVIL’S MY SPACE PAGE to get a better sample their music.

Thanks to the Evil Devil cats who are really cool. I hope I get to Italy for the documentary and can take in a local show of theirs. Also thanks to my buddy Rich from Black Cat Entertainment for helping me line up the interview. And last but not least, my LA buddy Francisco Romero who captured some of the flipcam footage that night.


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