When I first moved to NYC back in the late 90s, I remember hearing about Max’s Kansas City and was always a bit confused by the name. Why name a bar in NYC “Kansas City”? Now that I’ve lived in NYC for a few years, I think I understand. I often run across bars and restaurants that bear names from cities and regions from all over the world. It either reminds people of home or maybe it’s meant to be ironic (I often frequent “southern” bars in NYC).

NYC is truly an international city and I guess that is why I love it so much.

Photo of Iggy Pop from the Exhibit

Now, I don’t know that much of the history of the name of “Max’s Kansas City” but I do know this bar was as important to the early punk rock scene as CBGBs, though it is less internationally well known.  Well, it’s finally getting it’s comeuppance and recognition as there are a couple of art exhibits going on that celebrate the history of this venerable artists’ bar.

I’m going to hit it and will give you a review but if you live or are visiting NYC in the next few weeks and assuming your into punk (since your reading this, I assume you have at least a passing interest) you should check it out yourself.

Info on the event at the link below:


* Thanks to my buddy Mike at NYC Punk for turning me onto this event. Mike is a punk to the core and is really helping to keep the scene alive in NYC. Look for an interview with Mike in the upcoming documentary “Punktology… the Worldwide Influence of Punk” with excerpts right here as well.

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