As you may have read or heard, we announced the launch of Punk Outlaw Records last week by signing two bands, “Rudos Wild” from Uruguay and “Los Suziox” (LSZX) from Colombia. We are excited about this project and hope you will support us as we attempt to do something that has never been done before, namely import punk music from places like Latin America and other places and expose these new artists to a new audience in some kind of organized way.

I love discovering new music and I figure many of our readers do to, so I’m giving you a sneak peak of a music video we put together for Los Suziox’s  single “Armas Silenciosas”.

The lyrics are a powerful admonishment to corruption and the governments that rule our societies with dirty wars in the name of protecting freedom, the masses, etc., but often are just a cover for some ulterior motive.

The lyrics can be viewed in Spanish and in English (please keep in mind the English never translates literally) at the Punk Outlaw Records / LSZX lyric page so you can see for yourself.

This song is big in Colombia and the video features punk fans from all over Colombia as a fine group of extras.

Thanks to my friend, video editor Camilo Mendoza for helping me put this video together and to all the punk rockers and underrepresented good people of  Colombia and South America who continue to fight the good fight day in and day out.

This music video is dedicated to you.

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