I realize a lot of you guys don’t live in NYC but for those of you who do (or are visiting this once thriving punk metropolis), I wanted to let you know what’s going on around town and where you might, just maybe spot me taking photos, videos for the blog etc.

After 14, mostly incredible years in NYC, my lease is up in November and alas, I’ve made the decision to move to Los Angeles sometime in early 2011.

I am going to be down in Latin America in Nov-Dec and into January and I’m contemplating a trip East to Russia in October before it gets ridiculously cold, to check out the punk scene there for you guys.

I’m already missing NYC and I haven’t even left yet but there are still lots of great punk shows going on, including the following, so look for me there:

FRIDAY 9/17/10 – Gramercy Theater/ 127 E. 23rd Street, NYC

STRUNG OUT with Rufio, Mute, We Are The Union

Doors open @ 7PM

SATURDAY 9/18/10 – Gamercy Theater @ 127 E. 23rd Street, NYC

STREET DOGS with Devils Brigade, Left Alone, Continental

Doors open @ 7PM


AND after the Street Dogs Show, if your not too drunk.. or maybe if you are, head on over to my friends Amylulita’s and Andy Shaw’s party. Doors open @ 11PM and I’m going to try and rally and make it there.. but regardless, you should check it out, their gigs are always a rollicking good time.

Members of the legendary Argentine ska band Los Fabulosas Cadilacs will be there. I wonder who the secret guest will be?

Wherever you go or whatever you do in your neck of the woods, I hope you have a good one this weekend!

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