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I’m traveling back to NYC today but I have lots more to report on my first trip to Russia trying to uncover the punk and rockabilly scenes, including lots of video and photos to upload as soon as I return.

As these types of trips usually go, I end up making connections at the end of the trip that would have served me better on the front end.

Case in point, Vladimir Kozlov is the music writer for The Moscow News, an English language paper I picked up in, you guessed it… Moscow.

Vladimir is also a punk fan and has been covering the Russian punk scene since back in the day.

He heard about my trip and sent me an email a couple of days ago, unfortunately I had already departed Moscow and thus didn’t get the chance to interview him for Punktology.  (NOTE TO SELF: Next time spend more time in Moscow!).

I’m going to try and do a phone or email interview with Vladimir next week sometime and include some of that info here but in the meantime, if your interested in learning a more insider’s view of the Russian punk scene, then here is a LINK TO AN ARTICLE Vladimir wrote for an U.S. publication about Russian punk a while back that I found enlightening.

Check it out HERE.

STAY TUNED: Coming up, Videos from Tarakany! (The Cockroaches!), Ukrianian Rockabilly band “The Wise Guys” and St. Petersburg coverage.

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