OK here is the deal. Moscow is 8 hour ahead of New York City so I’m waking up around 1AM to eat breakfast. Needless to say I’m usually going to sleep around that time. Thank God for sleeping pills.

My hotel is cool with one exception. VERY, VERY slow wifi in my room.

My Russian language skills consists of 4 words “Da (yes), Nyet (No), Spasibo (Thank You) and Vodka (Vodka), which I haven’t even partaken of yet, but hey when your this jet lagged I feel buzzed all the time already!  I feel like a narcoleptic (is that how you spell it?), I could sleep literally anywhere, anytime. Back on the caffeine wagon.

I tell you this so that you will be prepared that my updates will be delayed just a bit. Not quite in real time but since I”m a good 8-11 hours or so ahead of most of you cats, it could be just as well.

Tonight is my final night in Moscow and then on to St. Petersburg and already I have some great stories to tell, and some great punk and rockabilly music to share with you, good interviews, nice video, fun pics, you name it, it’s coming.

So be patient dear reader. Once in St. Pete and near some decent wi-fi, you’ll get the whole Moscow Punk Outlaw story including one involving an undercover police officer who apparently took exception to my brazen filming in Red Square. Since I’m writing this from my hotel lobby rather than a Moscow holding cell, you can probably deduce there is a happy ending involved. Ahhh but the trip is still young so stay tuned!

In the meantime, take my word for it, Moscow is one cool place with some cool punks and rockabilly cats and good stuff is on it’s way.

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