Back in the U.S. after a travel day from hell yesterday.. 24 hours traveling from St. Petersburg to Moscow, then finally to my apartment in NYC. I slept like the dead last night.

Ahhh but home where the internet is fast, the weather is warm(er) and people (usually) speak English. It’s always good to be home, even after a great trip with some really cool folks like I encountered in Russia.

Tarakany! from Moscow

As I said the internet is faster so that means it’s time for a more video, a lot less words. I knew you’d like that.

As promised in my original post, here is a flip cam video of Tarakany! (Cockroaches) performing Social Distortion’s “Cold Feelings” taped on my first full REAL day in Moscow at their rehearsal.

And if you really want to see something cool, check out this other  video I found floating around on You Tube of Tarakany! performing the same ditty, but in Russian.. Now that I dig!

STAY TUNED: Next week, more video from Tarakany!, The Moscow Rockabilly scene and the punk and rockabilly scene from St. Petersburg.

I’m off to nap now.

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