After "Betty Boop Lovers" Interview "Backstage"

My final night in Moscow was a Saturday night and I was to head to St. Petersburg the following day. I hadn’t planned enough time in Moscow and I ran out of time before I ran out of interviewees.

I had a few interviews that I really wanted to get including one of the old punk legends from the Moscow scene “Zhaber Punk” . “Zhaber Punk” and I had a communication issue with my Russian being non existent and he not speaking English, but mainly it was a time issue. I just didn’t have enough time in Moscow to secure an interpreter and garner the interview.

Also Vladimyr, a music writer for the Moscow Times and punk fan who wrote an excellent English language article about Russian Punk Music scene you can read from my previous post HERE. Unfortunately, Vladimyr and I made contact after I had already left Moscow.

Moscow Punk Band "Eorsi"

And then there was Dmitry from the Moscow punk band (Eorsi). Same as Vladimyr we also made contact after I’d already left Moscow. But I did get the chance to listen to Dmitry’s band at their Last FM web page and fell in love with their music, especially a couple of songs called “About Punk” and “Black Flag”. Give em a listen if you get a chance.

Eorsi has been around for 7 years and Dimitry told me they even had a “grenade get dropped” at one of their shows to which the Russian press completely ignored. Now that is punk! Maybe a little too punk?

Next time I’m in Moscow will definitely profile these guys for you. I’ll be sure to wear my flap jacket though. Keep up the good music guys!

Betty Boop Lovers @ The Real McCoy in Moscow

In the meantime, my last night in Moscow, my new rockabilly friend Viktor (AKA DJ Spaceman) took me to this cool little bar called “The Real McCoy” that was decorated like a speak easy from the U.S. in 1920s prohibition era and I might add, make a mean chicken burrito (not surprisingly, the only Mexican food I had while in Russia).

"Betty Boop Lovers" Interview

On this particular Saturday night the bar featured a bop inspired rockabilly band called “Betty Boop Lovers” . I was able to interview the guys in between sets and shoot some video of their performance which featured mostly covers but did include a performance of a catchy original called “I Can’t Touch” that I really dug.

Betty Boop Lovers

Here is some video from my last night in Moscow at the Real McCoy with my friend Viktor tearing up the dance floor to the Betty Boop Lovers. Enjoy!

STAY TUNED: Tonight is the long awaited return of Social Distortion here in New York City so look for photos and videos tomorrow! And then, FINALLY, I’ll feature some pics and videos as I made my way to St. Petersburg, Russia!

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