So as I’ve been traveling I’ve been taking a few Punk Outlaw Shirts, stickers, etc. with me to give away. If I interviewed you and I didn’t give you a shirt, please don’t be offended, that just means I either (A) ran out or (B) didn’t have your  size. I mean I do have to carry actual clothes to wear and camera gear and stuff and with airlines charging for every little bag, well, I hope you understand.

Men's Punk Outlaw Tank

While I get a kick out of giving stuff away I also realize that spending money on stuff just to give it away is not a great business model. So while the shirts are certainly not about the money (if they were trust me, I’d spend MUCH more time, effort, design etc. behind them), I do get inquiries from people who want to know how they can buy them from time to time.

Women's Tank

Well, my good friends, Cecilia who makes the shirts for me at her store called “Live Fast” in the lower east side, has graciously volunteered to sell Punk Outlaw merchandise on her store’ online section.

LiveFast’s Punk Outlaw section is not up yet, but when it goes up I’ll provide a direct link but in the meantime, she’s got some really cool stuff so you may want to check it out HERE.

Live Fast - NYC

And if you live in NYC, go visit Cecilia and the gang at Live Fast down in LES. They always have reasonable prices and and stuff on clearance and even some previously worn stuff in the basement so there is something for every budget.

In my experience, Live Fast is really the best psychobilly/rockabilly/punk inspired clothing store I’ve come across in NYC (and no, I’m not getting paid or even free merch for this endorsement.. damn! But I love it. Keep it up you cynical bunch!).

In the meantime, I’m moving to Latin America for a few months soon and you know that means. Well, it means a lot of things but one of them is cleaning house, getting rid of stuff.

So I put a few excess Punk Outlaw shirts on E-bay and the best thing about buying from here is part of the proceeds (25%) go to a great cause to prevent childhood hunger. It’s a little more expensive there as a result but if you got the dough, like the shirts and want to support a good cause, just click the pics below to to the store.


PO Men's Tank - Black (Click Pic to Go to Ebay Store)


PO Women's Tank (Click Pic to Go to Ebay Store)

BUT fair warning, if you want a shirt from E-bay, make it quick, because I’m off to Latin America in one week and after that, I’ll have to wait until I return to the states in the spring to fulfill any orders.

KAI D. Utility Jeans & Shirt

Speaking of clothing stores, if you got a little more cash to spend and dig a retro, throw back style, I really recommend this store down on Lower East Side as well. It’s called Kai/Utility and yes, in full disclosure these guys did provide me with clothing at a steep discount for a photo shoot I had back in the Spring.

What I like about this store is that the designs are original but based on the retro workman’s look of the 30s and 40s. Now it is pricey but that is just how it goes when your dealing with a small store for an individual designer. If you have the money, you’ll know that you got a one of a kind design and probably not have to worry about anyone else wearing the same thing no matter where you go.

You can check out KAI-Utility’s online store HERE!

Punk Outlaw Stickers in Russia

Whew, enough selling! I feel like such a corrupt capitalist pig! Sorry! So lets end this crass commercial crap with something a little more, shall we say visual.


I’ve included some photos of people wearing Punk Outlaw Gear in places as diverse as Cuba, Colombia and Russia.

If you have any Punk Outlaw gear and want me to feature you on here, just email me the photos and I’ll definitely show you some love.

Sophia - Perm, Russia

And if your running low on $, don’t fret, when you see me out, it never hurts to ask for a shirt. Who knows, I might just have your size on me!! And I will for sure have a sticker and if I don’t, then make my sorry ass mail you one.

Havana, Cuba

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