Ukraine's "The Wise Guyz"

During my trip to Russia last October, I was blown away by the intense rockabilly and psychobilly scenes in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, Viktor (AKA DJ Spaceman, AKA “the Jesus of Russian Rockabilly”) personally toured me around Moscow to witness the Russian rockabilly scene firsthand.

(L to R) Russian Rockabilly Fan, Punk Outlaw and Viktor

I interviewed a bunch of bands including this great rockabilly band from Ukraine, “The Wise Guyz” and a cool psychobilly band called “The BeatDevils”.

Check out this exclusive interview with Viktor and The Wise Guyz as they fill us in on the rockabilly and psychobilly scenes in Russia and Ukraine.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive Video on the Russian Rockabilly Scene

  1. Hey Bob,
    Thanks for the comment. Nashville is my hometown and I just returned from the Holidays in Nashville. Great city..

    I should be there again in late March. Lets get together when I’m there.

  2. Oh… what a shame to see my self drunk…
    Cool video.
    Thank you so much… Sorry my talkin’ and tricks… It’s a shame on me…I stop drinkin’…
    Cheers from Moscow!

  3. Viktor,
    You were both charming and funny my friend!! I thank you for your hospitality while I was in town..

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