Rock In Medellin Festival

OK, so it’s been a minute I realize. But I’ve got a good excuse this time.

I”ve been in the Amazon and over half of Colombia with little internet access and even less time. The good news is I’ve been gathering lots and lots of footage, pics and stuff and while most of it pertains to a new travel show I’m trying to develop called “Raw Travel”, some of it pertains to you dear reader, the dedicated punks.

So are there punk rockers in the Amazon? I am happy to report and you are probably not too surprised to that find that the answer is a firm yes.  I saw more than a couple punk shirts, anarchy graffiti signs and even chatted a little punk music with a souvenir vendor in Leticia, Colombia.. the city at the edge of the Amazon that borders Brasil and Peru.

The Amazon is wild and wooly and people rely on their own hard work and wits to sustain themselves as they have done independently for centuries. So I guess I’m not surprised that even in isolated areas, some accessible by hiking 3 hours or more, where even basic internet access is a major issue, there are punks.

I mean what is more punk than an indigenous Amazon warrior?

OK enough pontificating. I’ll be back to my normal routine soon with opportunity to upload some pics and vids from my latest travels soon.

In the meantime, check this video put together by the Rock Comuna folks from the Rock in Medellin concert a couple weeks back. This one features our good friends “Desadaptado” and Punk Outlaw Records’ recording artist “Los Suziox” towards the latter half of the video.


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