She's all smiles, but needs our help

Why are there suddenly photos of adorable little kids on this blog? No, this isn’t a feature on the future punks of the world (FPOTW) or cute kids of punk rockers. These are kids who need help.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m working on developing a travel show called “Raw Travel” that is in it’s infancy at the moment, but is going really well.

Spare Rollerblade with handles. Now thats punk!

It’s a perfect way for me to continue my travels for the documentary, Punktology, and this blog covering the world wide punk, rockabilly and psychobilly scenes while doing something that may actually help me pay the bills someday (and for all this traveling).

The show will be a bit punk rock in itself, no 5 star hotels, no fancy makeup or famous host (he, he) and it will hopefully help people travel and learn about other cultures in a “economic” (i.e. cheap), “eco-friendly”, “socially aware” and “sustainable: manner (did I include enough buzz words, or should I add a couple more?).

No? So here is another for ya, “Voluntourism”! Though I really don’ t like that word, I like what it represents, which is giving back while traveling to another country.

Me.. actually shooting a camera

But that is not what this is about and that is not why there are cut little kids on this otherwise, big and scary punk rock website.

Punks are by their very definition a socially conscious bunch and so I thought this might interest some of you. Last week, while taping for Raw Travel, I took a tour with World Vision or Vision Mundial as it is known in Latin America, you know the humanitarian organiziation that helps poor kids and their families in almost 100 countries.

Peter Singer asks "What Are Their Lives Worth?"

We toured one of their most dangerous barrios, Comuna 8, in Medellin, Colombia which is completely controlled by the gangs. We were able to go in with our cameras with World Vision shirts and with the gang leaders’ permission to help kids and their families that are crippled by poverty and all the crap that brings with it (lack of health care, nutrition, often violence in the home, etc.).

I also spotted a real live scopalamine (zombie drug) tree, saw a memorial  where a landslide buried almost 1,000 people alive  in the 80’s and the whole thing was a big crazy trip and in my view, and a very punk rock thing to do.

We Don't Need No Stinking Famous Host!

I documented it all here on the Raw Travel Blog and our sister site, “Don’t Drag Me Down”.

I also talk about being inspired by a book I recently read called “The Life You Can Save” by Peter Singer and the myths of U.S. charitable giving (you often here we’re a charitable country spouted by news media and politicians, actually, uhhh… not so much when you analyze it).

I hope you’ll check it out as it explains why there are cute kids on the site this week.

Don’t worry, we’ll get back to featuring some ugly punks and their music on the site real soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the cute little kids.

I'm a daddy! well, sort of, I sponsored this kid for less than $20 U.S. a month

You can learn more about the show at and follow our travels and our adventures at


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