I like being behind the camera.. but my buddy Kmilo, here in Medellin, wanted to flip the camera around and interview me, for what I wasn’t exactly sure.

But I figured since dozens and dozens of punks have sat down to listen to my inane questions, then I could do the same for another fellow punk rocker and filmmaker.

When I was finally in Medellin long enough, Kmilo and I agreed to meet. We did the interview with his camera guy on a nice peaceful Sunday afternoon in Parque Poblado, appropriately enough where the punks often hang out.

Enough babbling, the interview speaks for itself, but what I will say is that Kmilo, who’s 1st language is Spanish, did an excellent interview / Q&A. Maybe I should hire him to help me on Punktology so it gets done sometime this century!

OK, here you go.. an exclusive interview, with.. well me.. Enjoy or make fun of me.. whichever you prefer, I can take it!

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