Punks are always helping out. This is a message that probably doesn’t get out very often, I mean its not as if punks have a big Public Relations Department spinning all the good stuff that punks do. There is no Global Association of Punks for Good Causes or anything like that (that I’m aware of).


But one thing that I’ve learned traveling around a few different continents interviewing punks is that no matter if the punks are into hardcore, street punk, classic punk, California punk or whatever, a general theme is helping out.

As I’ve written before, helping out seems to be a very punk thing to do. Talking about it, not so much.

Last year, legendary Medellin punk band I.R.A. organized the recording of  a CD compilation featuring about 20 local Medellin punk bands like themselves, Los Suziox, Desadaptadoz and more.  The proceeds of the CD went to a local punk who had been really sick and unable to work to help him build a house to live in.

Cesar of Lokekeda

We happened to be in Medellin during the recording session, and over 20 bands had been scheduled over a 2 day period to lay down new music. Each band had an hour of studio time to do their stuff.  I was impressed with the industry and professionalism that each band demonstrated.

Nobody was getting paid, everyone was volunteering their time and creativity but everyone shows up pretty much on time and (mostly) sober to lay down their tracks.

Lokekeda performs "Espinas Asesinas"

I think getting 20 punk bands to do anything in an organized fashion is pretty damned cool.

When I returned later that summer, the CD was out and I purchased one. I always get a kick out of hearing new punk music, especially from a punk hotspot like Medellin with so many young, good bands playing in the scene.

For me, one song that immediately stuck out was called “Espinas Asesinas” from a band we had interviewed just a few months prior, Lokekeda (I have no idea what the English translation is sorry, I’ll ask my Spanish teacher or maybe Cesar, Lokekeda’s drummer who is also an English teacher).

Last Saturday at the punk show in Milagrosa punks were collecting notebooks for some local school kids who couldn’t afford them (another example of punks helping out that probably didn’t make the evening news).

Punk Show in Barrio Milagrosa - Medellin, CO

Well, I finally got the chance to hear Lokekeda perform “Espinas Asesinas” live and while it doesn’t have the same crystal clear sound as the recording on the CD compilation (as most live performances don’t), it still kicks some serious ass so I recorded and uploaded the video for you.

Give em a look and a listen and let me know what you think.

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