OK I admit I feel I sort of shortchanged the guys from Sikotikos by focusing on the robbery attempt my 1st night in Quito on my last post.

I’m also finding that Quito’s punk scene is beyond even my healthy expectations. It’s nothing short of incredible and requires more than a measly 3 days of part time coverage on my part.

Now we have some good stuff coming up including a performance from punk band DMTR and also a nice interview with El Juntos, both good, local Quito punk bands with some important stuff to say about the scene. But I have to get time to put it all together first and it’s a little hard during hard core shooting schedule and traveling so your patience is asked for.

So to appease the punk gods who might be angry at my selfish whining about the robbery attempt and to give you guys a little better glimpse into the punk scene in Ecuador, here is a little clip from You Tube that the guys from Sikotikos sent me of their recent concert.

It’s amateur video and stuff, just like my stuff half the time right?! But it’s punk and it’s Quito and it’s Sikotokis in concert and it serves a good purpose. So Until I can get DMTR and El Junto up, please do enjoy Sikotokis!

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