Back in February I made a return trip to Montevideo, Uruguay to see my old pals from Rudos Wild. A lot had happened in the year I was away. I signed the guys to my fledgling digital record label “Punk Outlaw Records”, I had begun work on a new travel show “Raw Travel” and I had moved from the U.S. to begin living abroad in Colombia, South America.

Rudos Wild Concert in Montevideo Feb '11

What hadn’t changed was the quality of the music of Rudos Wild and the pure, genuine energy of the band, when they are playing and when they aren’t.

We took advantage of my trip down there to hang out some more. I taped one of their live concerts, chilled at Peyo’s house at a big meat filled BBQ and ended up featuring the band in Raw Travel’s episode on Uruguay/Argentina.

Oh and we also shot a little music video for them for their song, “No Toleramos” (We Won’t Tolerate), which I just love.

Well the video has finally been edited and you get to peek it here first.

Leo 666

It’s dedicated to Leo 666, Rudos Wild bass player who’s been ill and in the hospital. Maybe you should think about eating a steak every now and then amigo! (Leo 666 is a strict vegan in Uruguay of all places, possibly the most meat eating per capita on the planet). Seriously, stay strong my friend and get well soon.


Special thanks to Renzo Devia, Moses Naranjo and Camilo Mendoza who helped shoot and edit the video.

Let me know what you think.

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