I usually could care less about band documentaries, but I was really, really bored one night and decided to download the film about Motorhead singer/bass guitarist and icon, Lemmy hilariously titled “49% Motherfucker / 51% Son of a Bitch”.

For me, Lemmy’s reputation proceeded him. When living in NYC I can’t tell you how many people regaled me with tales of hanging out with Lemmy, drinking, listening to music or doing whatever. I remember thinking at the time, “but isn’t Motorhead a pretty big band? Why is he hanging out with the rocker receptionist dude where I get my hair cut?”

I think I even saw Motorhead open up for the Cult once way back in the late 90s? I don’t remember much, it was really before I consciously discovered punk and I just remember it being really, really loud (hearing damage was definitely done).

I have a couple of songs of Motorhead on the old i-pod, notably the punk sounding “Ace of Spades”, but beyond these peripheral experiences, I really wasn’t that familiar with Lemmy or Motorhead. The documentary changed all that.

I was prepared to nod off to sleep about half way through, but I was literally glued to the computer screen and laughing my ass off the entire time. It’s not quite an “I laughed, I cried” kind of film, but it could be, if your the tear jerking kind.. but mostly it’s just an honest, incredibly raw account of a guy who’s been through and seen a lot of shit in his rock n roll days and hasn’t let success get to his head one little bit.

If you are fascinated by music history like me, you’ll enjoy this film. But if your not, I think you’ll still enjoy this film. It’s just a good film about a fascinating guy and it’s really well executed. It makes you feel good after you watch it. I literally went to sleep with a grin on my face. I hope you get to check it out. Here’s a little clip of the trailer from You Tube.

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