You may have seen that we’ve written a little about the emerging rockabilly and psychobilly scenes in Colombia.

Salidos de la Cripta (Bogota Psychobilly)

We’ve featured interviews with bands like Los Chiclosos Desmembrados (Dismembered or Chewed Up Gum) and Salidos de la Cripta (Leaving the Crypt) who are representing some emerging psychobilly music from Bogota (more from those bands coming later in the fall btw). If you missed it you can read that archived article HERE.

Earlier we had interviewed the Dorados Rockabilly Trio from Medellin.

Well we finally got the video interview/feature from the Dorados edited for your enjoyment so here ya go! The guys spill their knowledge and opinions on what it’s like to be carrying the torch for the rockabilly scene in a legendary punk & metal city like Medellin.

Punk Outlaw Records' "Dorados Rockabilly Trio"

Oh and a bit of exciting news, the guys have a 5 song CD coming out soon. It’s being mixed and put out in the U.S. & beyond by none other than your good buddies right here at Punk Outlaw Records.

So look for news on that this fall as well and congrats to the Dorados Rockabilly Trio, the newest member of our small, but growing family of artists which includes Uruguay’s rowdy punkabilly Rudos Wild and fellow Medellin, Colombianos, the headed for legendary status, Los Suziox.

More exciting news to come soon on this front. We’re just getting started.

Oh and thanks to K’milo Rio from Medellin for editing this little bit of rockabilly gold for us. K’milo had to do some double duty translating and subtitling to English for us non Spanish speakers. His English, like my Spanish, is less than perfect, but as in all things punk, we got it done in good old fashioned DIY Style. Gracias K’milo and bien hecho amigo.



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