Just 2 weeks ago I was knee deep in the punk scene of Lima, Peru. It being a Friday night, it was a good night for a punk show, or two… turns out there were two big shows going on this particular Friday night.

Luckily for me they were within spitting distance of each other as both were in the downtown area of Plaza San Martin and I was able to volley back and forth all night.

The 1st show I attended was a good old fashioned Anarchy Punk Show entitled “Koncierto de Solidaridad Radikal” (Radical Solidarity Concert) which featured a line up of over 10 hardcore punk bands like “Desastre Social” (Social Disaster), “Distorcion Acida” (Acid Distortion), “Ratas Rabiosas” (Rabid Rats) and “Generacion Perdida” (Lost Generation) .

Below are some pics from the show and a little video of a live performance by the hardcore heavyweights Generacion Perdida, a self described anarchistic punk band who headlined to an enthusiastic crowd.

Generacion Perdida has been lighting up the punk scene in Lima since way back in 1996! I was later able to interview the guys for the documentary “Punktology” right out in front of the monument in Plaza San Martin.

“What about the other show” you ask? Oh dear reader, nothing gets by you. Well it was none other than the 25th year anniversary of a classic post punk band called “Voz Propio”. A totally different but damn good vibe and we’ll feature some coverage on them and delve into a little punk rock history when we wind up our Peru coverage next week.

In the meantime, enjoy some pics and video from a good old fashioned anarchy show!



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