As you guys may recall, (if you missed it, check it out HERE) last April we were in the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) and were a little surprised to find there was actually a punk band on the island. And not just any punk band, these guys were actually a GOOD punk band, with socially conscious lyrics that take politics and injustice to task with a melodic sound that incorporates some of their culture’s incredible musical heritage.

The band is called “Anti-Everything” and they they have a punk song with some calypso / steel pan drums incorporated called “I’z Da Man” that is as good as they come. One of my other favorites was “Please Do Your job.. Properly” (so biting, yet so polite).

Now I don’t know if any of you in the U.S. are “60 Minutes” watchers, but coming from a TV background, I love “60 Minutes”. They are as good as they come for objective investigative, watchdog journalism from the “mainstream, corporate” media (sorry, Fox Noise”).

Now what does “60 Minutes” a storied news program in the U.S. have to do with “Anti-Everything”, a punk band in the Caribbean?

Well, if you saw 60 Minutes story last weekend on how politicians (Dems, Republicans, all of em) in the U.S. operate under different rules than the rest of us (we already know they get sweet health insurance packages… for life!), and are able to make millions in the stock market off the “confidential” information they receive as a result, which leads to not only unfair advantages for politicians but HUGE conflicts of interest…..

AND then (I’m getting there, follow me here) you listen to Anti-Everything’s lyrics, which are largely railing about the incompetence of Trinidad’s “ruling elite” and global injustice (but could very much apply to the increasingly corrupt lawyers we call our “leaders” in Washington DC), then you’ll see they are as much of a “watchdog” as 60 Minutes.

What I’m saying is, in this day and age, we need shows like “60 Minutes” and bands like “Anti-Everyhing”  more than ever.

Well I’ve been listening to Anti-Everything ever since that fateful meeting last April and the guys have become good friends in the months following our trip there. I am happy to say these guys are participating in the forthcoming “Punktology Vol. 1 – Free Cuba Now” compilation due out next month.

I’m also happy to say that this video, which Punk Outlaw produced (with the help of amigos Renzo Devia and Moses Naranjo) is for a song “Ratchet Design” that is going to be included on the compilation!

So give this video a look see and listen and let me know what you think. And remember if you like what you hear, let them know.

Oh and I almost forgot, they dropped a new CD recently “Children of a Globalised World” and guess what? It’s available now on i-Tunes. Check it out HERE.

And if you got a spare 99 cents download a track or two and lets support good punk music and do yourself a favor, if you can… start watching “60 Minutes” and demanding on their website that they do more pieces to keep the clowns in Washington DC somewhat in check.


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