Lokekeda,  (roughly translated from Spanish to English means “leftover food”) hails from Envigado, a small and quaint suburb in the southern part of Medellin, Colombia which has it’s own distinct vibe including it’s own bars and restaurants, it’s own town square, it’s own little slice of Medellin life and it’s own punk scene.

It’s where I took Spanish classes and where I first met the guys from “Lokekeda” who thankfully, because my Spanish classes didn’t really stick that well, had an English speaking drummer, Cesar.

Cesar is actually a local English teacher. Cesar speaks with a decidedly British accent when he speaks English, having learned English himself from a British teacher.

Cesar’s English is not the only British influence on Lokekeda. They site classic punk bands like Sex Pistols, Addicts, The Damned as well as more mainstream bands like AC-DC as influences.

I first decided to sign “Lokekeda” to Punk Outlaw Records when I heard this song, “Espinas Assesinas” which very, very roughly translated means killer spine or killer thorns. Some things don’t really translate as well as others it seems but the thing I remember about hearing this song was hitting the play button over and over again until I wore down the “play” grooves out on my ipod player’s button.

Espinas Assesinas is a featured single on the “Punktology Volume 1 – Free Cuba Now!” CD Compilation put out late last year and it will be featured on our upcoming CD release for Lokekeda entitled “Medellin es Punk” which has been available in Colombia for a while, but will make it’s debut outside of the country on Punk Outlaw Records.

Word is, the guys are working on a 2nd follow up CD with our buddy Andres Ocampo, lead singer for legendary punks “Los Suziox” providing producing duties at his studio in Bello, the northern most suburb of Medellin.

So the guys from the Southern most suburb of Medellin are traveling all the way to the northern most suburb of Medellin to create punk/hardcore music that will find it’s way to laptops, stereos and ipods the world over?

Punk music, my friends, has become global and we should enjoy it, open our minds, hearts and our ears to music in other languages. Whether you speak or understand Spanish or not, I hope you dig this video from Lokekeda. Please stay tuned for news on their upcoming CD “Medellin es Punk” coming soon to Punk Outlaw Records.

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