Evil Devil at the Meet & Greet Friday Night in Reseda, CA

Our good buddies from Italy, psychobilly band, Evil Devil are back in Los Angeles to play the Valentine’s Ball on Sunday night at the Mayan Theater.

Evil Devil will be performing with Frantic Flintstones and Left Alone.  We caught up with our buddies from Italy at the Pre-Valentines Ball meet-n-greet in Reseda, CA last night, where we caught a performance of LA’s “Dr. Bizarro’s Victims” . We bolted thereafter but we heard the “Howlers” played as well as “Evil Devil” performed a few songs in a preview of whats to come Sunday night.


Dr. Bizarro's Victims @ the PreValentine's Ball Show on Friday

If you missed the Friday night event, well no worries, because the big event is this Sunday at the Mayan Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Punk Outlaw will be there with our table with stickers, CDs from Punk Outlaw Records, and of course, the Punk Outlaw tanks and tees. Be the first cat to come up to the table and say “I want my free Punk Outlaw Tee” and we’ll get you a shirt along with your choice of a Dorado’s Rockabilly Trio or “Punktology Vol. 1” CD.

Look For Punk Outlaw's Booth @ The Valentine's Day Ball on Sunday Night @ the Mayan in LA

And of course, we’ll have some in depth coverage including photos and videos after the event next week, so stay tuned.

More information about the event can be found HERE.

Be the first to hit the Punk Outlaw Booth on Sunday and get a free Dorados Rockabilly Trio CD

Enjoy a short clip from Dr. Bizarro’s Victims below as well as our feature on “Evil Devil” from 2010.

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