Our buddy, cameraman Francisco Mora with Juan Carlos (former member - drums) & Paul Roman (founder/vocals/guitar) of The Quakes

It took a little longer than we anticipated, having interrupted our work flow by traveling to Latin America and all for a year, but we did finally get interview edited from our good buddies The Quakes.

They had just played a gig in Los Angeles and we were able to catch up with them the next day. We get the scoop from the original, U.S. psychobilly band that helped pioneer the genre in the U.S. and are still going strong (even if they aren’t crazy about the genre’s name).

These guys are really respected at home and abroad and are my personal favorite psychobilly band of all time bar none. Grab one of their CDs and I think you’ll understand why.

Special thanks to Francisco Mora (camera) and Camilo Mendoza (editor).


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