There is a band down in Medellin, Colombia called Lokekeda (roughly translated means “Left Overs”). They’ve been playing their unique brand of punk music for years and have, through hard work and commitment, been able to put out a CD called “Medellin Es Punk” (really now, must I translate that for you?). There is a bit of metal in their sound and they site bands like “AC-DC” as one of their influences along with punk mainstays like “The Addicts” and “The Ramones”.

They recorded a little ditty called “Espinas Assesinas” which translated means something like “Killer Thorns” or “Killer Spine” (take your pick) for a compilation CD put out by Colombian punk heavyweights I.R.A.

I found myself listening to “Espinas Assesinas” over and over on the old i-Pod so we ended up producing a music video for the song and putting it out on our “Punktology Vol. 1 – Free Cuba Now” CD late last year.

Well, now, I’m happy to report we are able to put out their debut CD, Medellin Es Punk which also includes “Espinas Assesinas”. It’s over at Punk Outlaw Records where you can read more about the band, see some photos and videos and most importantly listen to some lengthy samples from the CD, gratis, free of charge of course.

If you dig any of the songs and / or the CD you can buy and download at i-Tunes, CD Baby or Amazon Music too.

Enjoy and stay tuned on the Punk Outlaw Records front. It’s going to be a busy spring.




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