Our good buddies Youth Brigade are coming to Los Angeles! Oh wait, they live here. OK, our good buddies, Youth Brigade are playing in LA! Ok, they are not our good buddies, we met the lead brother, Shawn Stern once in NYC but hey, he was cool and he seemed to like us. He really did.

OK enough namedropping. We know, we know, we sound like a Hollywood douchebag.. And why do I keep referring to myself in the plural “we”? I have no idea.

Anyway, we’ll be covering the show (in this case, I do mean we, it’s me and the Russian interns, Tim & Snik), so look for us if you go and if you don’t for some silly reason, like say, geography (living in South America or Russia is no excuse to miss this show dear reader), then look for photos and videos on Saturday.. or Sunday.. or Monday at the latest.

Here’s a little flipcam video from that show in NYC a few years back with Youth Brigade.. singing my all time YB favorite song  “I Hate My Life”.. and you know what.. sometimes I do.

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