We had a great time shooting this video for the song “Hard to Forgive”, which will be the first single off  “Normandie Blues”  forthcoming CD “It is What it Is”  due out on May 19th on Punk Outlaw Records.

Gracias to my 3 interns, Tim, Snik and Alexa as well as Armando in Mexico who shot and edited the original version and of course the guys from the band, the first U.S. based band signed to Punk Outlaw Records.

The CD Release Party is scheduled for June 2nd at the Torino Lounge in Paramount, CA. If you don’t live in Cali or even the U.S., hang tight, Alex Blue, Normandie Blue’s extremely talented founder and front man is planning a little kick ass world tour as I type.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the video and the song “Hard to Forgive” from Normandie Blue.

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