Punk Outlaw Records is tickled punk to announce the release of our very first ringtone. That’s right, the kick ass single “Armas Silenciosas” (Silent Arms) from our good buddies down in Medellin, Colombia “Los Suziox” (The Dirty) is out as a ringtone for iPhone users for just 99 measly cents.

Give “Armas Silenciosas” a listen right HERE and if you think you might want this very cool ringtone for yourself then log onto the ringtone store on your iPhone and search for “Los Suziox”.

While you are at it, check out the whole release from Los Suziox “El Fin Justifica los Medios” (The End Justifies the Means). It’s a very popular CD down from one of the most talented bands to come out of Colombia in a while… and that’s saying a lot because the punk music scene there is first rate… trust me, I’ve been there a lot.

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