If you know rockabilly, you probably know about The Polecats, a damned near legendary British rockabilly band that’s been doing it since, get this, 1977!

They were the final act at the recent Viva Las Vegas Car Show Stage last Saturday and it was cool to see some living legends do their thing live for a crowd that appreciated what they were witnessing.

First impression of these guys felt a little like channeling some old school Jerry Lee Lewis energy mixed with some punk.. maybe the Damned or Buzzcocks…. hmmm wonder where I got that Buzzcock reference? Oh well, in case you missed it here is a little video of them performing a little ditty called “What Do I Get?” by some other British band that escapes me.

And if you live in Los Angeles and are STILL jonesing fora little rockabilly, then you gotta check out White Boy James and the Blues Express this Saturday, April 14th @ the Torino Lounge in Paramount, CA. We’ll be there covering the event so if you go, please say “hi” and I’ll hit you up with a Dorados Rockabilly Trio CD… and might even buy you a beer.

Unless you are a scumbag promoter named “Black Cat Entertainment” that owes us and a bunch of other people money… of course. Then you can buy us one…FOR A CHANGE.



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