Yesterday was Day 1 of the big Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and despite our intentions to leave bright and early, we left around 1 pm and thanks to a car accident on the outskirts of Los Angeles arrived kind of late to Vegas, hungry and tired.

The hungry part was addressed with some cheap but awfully good Mexican food at some not so little hole (everything’s big in Nevada.. wait, wrong state.. never mind) in the wall.

Vegas Road Trip

The tired part, well, I must be getting old because I didn’t seem to bounce back from the 5 hour drive like I hoped.

So yes, you guessed it, I was in Vegas and it was just after 10 pm and off to bed I rolled. Hope I didn’t break any local laws.

On the flip side, I woke up this morning completely rested and refreshed right? Wrong! I was up at 5am for some unknown reason… I finally went back to sleep around 7Am but I feel like the elusive God of Rim sleep skipped my bed last night.

Wow.. how boring it is to type about these minute details of my life. As you know, I usually try to stick to the more exciting things (mugging attempts, con-men, fights, etc.) when covering behind the scenes… and now, my friends, you know why.

The good news? I’m heading over to VLV right now… to pick up my media pass and stand in line to get my pass for the burlesque showcase.. (I guess it’s pretty popular because access to the press is limited). So things are bound to pick up when I actually do what it is I came to do… so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I just finished some pancakes and I think I’ll grab a shower.. Will the mind blowing details of my journey to the exotic land of Las Vegas never end? Wait… I better twitter that pancake blurb really fast!  People will want to know.


Punk fans, bored by all this rockabilly talk? Well I ran across this article in the local Vegas CityLife paper about punk history in Las Vegas. Bands like Tomorrow’s Gone and Faded Glory. They put up an online archive series for you punk history buffs called .  Check it out.


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