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Are you ever really too old for the college lifestyle? Well, maybe if you remember that move with Rodney Dangerfield, “Back To School” you are too old but I still love the premise of that movie (old rich guy goes back to school to get closer to his son and in the process, acts very inappropriate and hilarity ensues).

I remember that movie also for the big party scene where Oingo Boingo performed and, as luck would have it, the producer of Normandie Blue’s debut release “It Is What It Is” (Shameless plug time… sorry) out on Punk Outlaw Records was produced by John Avila who also happened to produce Oingo Boingo. Now that wasn’t too much of a stretch was it?

What does all this have to do with college? Not much, other than the national publication Campus Circle did a sweet little feature on Normandie Blue and “It Is What It Is” and it will be out on Thursday if you live in a town with a Campus Circle free news stand near you (Pretty much all of Los Angeles by the way).

If not, don’t sweat it, you know we’re going to give you the link so HERE ya go!

The reviews are starting to pour in, from NYC to LA, to Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico City and even on the other side of the globe, check out what this fan from Australia had to say:

Sorry I realised you must not have received my email regarding Normandie Blue. To recap – It’s a fucking brilliant experience. I actually downloaded the album. I initially had a problem with the download on my end, but it’s gone through tonight thanks to your reminder I went back in. This is my kind of music, WASTE OF TIME .. fantastic, Hard to Forgive … anthemic. Some songs hit a bit close, so beautiful.


You need to get this out to there, there’s a station in Australia called Tripe J, the best alternative music radio station. I’ll be requesting this album.. 

Congratulation to you all & Thank christ for these true artists that can still feed the soul. 

I do hope you get to enjoy this ride and you don’t need to be so apologetic in regards to promotion. It is what it is … we all have to eat and enjoy biting that cherry..

Wow, an endorsement from a punk fan in Australia is pretty epic and we appreciate our Aussie fans, Campus Circle and all who have been so supportive so far.

If you haven’t for some reason checked out Normandie Blue now would be a really good time to do so. You can check out Normandie Blue’s new CD “It Is What It Is” HERE.


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