Tarakany! wearing our Punk Outlaw shirt on stage.

Some of you “old timers” may remember that way back in October 2010 we traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia to report on the punk and rockabilly scene there. One of the bands we profiled was Tarakany! (Cockroach!), one of the biggest punk bands in all of Russia.

After an 11AM rehearsal (which was like 3AM for my jet lagged body), we interviewed the guys and asked them what it was like to be a punk band in a country like Russia. I’ve reposted the interview for you in case any of you “newbies” missed it.

I’ve also posted a new video from these guys when they played a big festival in Russia called “Kubana”, which as you can tell, features a pretty damn rowdy crowd of several thousand Ruskies enjoying Tarakany’s music. Notice at about 1:21 the guitarist is proudly wearing our Punk Outlaw Black tank.

Yeah, the rumors are true. We get around.

Next up: Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Punks in Eastern Europe, we know you are there lurking, so hit us up and we’ll reserve a shirt for you.
See you soon!

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