I know, I know… Sorry for the headline, couldn’t help myself.  Gorilla has been around for about 20 or so years and was credited by many with being the first psychobilly band in all of Hungary. I was able to catch up with them after their big Killing Billy psychobilly show last month while we were in Budapest, Hungary.

They have some strong opinions about the relationship of rockabilly purist and pyshcobilly, something I’ve noticed throughout my 5 years or so of covering the scenes.  Also, they tell us just why a stand up bass is so damned necessary.

Check it out:

Thanks to Russian intern Tim for his superior editing skills on this bad boy. Spasibo Comrade!

In case you haven’t noticed we’re running about 2 weeks behind. I’m in Romania right now but this should wind up our coverage in Budapest, so up next…finally… Serbia (not Siberia! don’t get it twisted… geez!).

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