So we finally kicked our jet lag’s ass (for the time being at least, until we hit the road again next week) and headed to the “Just Deadly Tattoo Parlor” in Whittier, CA for a free, all ages punk show featuring the kick ass aggressive sounds of 35 Black, the hard charging Sin Alley, the long running (since 1996!) Los Creepers and our very own Punk Outlaw Record’s recording artist, Normandie Blue.

I finally got to catch Los Creepers (I have some of their music on the ipod) but I’m really pissed I missed 35 Black when I arrived late and only caught their final song. It seems I’m always just missing 35 Black as the same thing happened at Punk Rock Picnic earlier this summer.

Also my apologies for  missing Sin Alley’s set altogether (yes, I’ll admit it, I was in the bar next door). After sampling their music on myspace page, it was indeed my loss. I will try to catch you guys at the next one for sure.

Here are some pics from the event and if you want to see the full set, be sure and visit the set on our FLIKR PAGE HERE.

Here’s a little video of Los Creepers from the show.

and our buddies Normandie Blue performing “Amazing Disgrace” from their cd “It Is What It Is”


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